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. it is a football game, that is what we are about. >> pete gilbert is standing by at gillette stadium. >> gerry, it is awfully chilly right now. a chance to meet tom brady earlier today. it was a very measured meeting. about the focus, not looking ahead, not reflecting. he kept going back to the process of preparation, accounting for every minute of game week. it was a maddening and my new shitake about it. it is why he has won 17 games -- minutae about it. it is why he has won 17 games. >> it is hard to win the super bowl. we have made it there since i have been here five times. it is hard to get to this point. it is hard to get to the afc cabbage a gamchampionship game. we're fortunate to have this opportunity. >> live in foxboro, peet gilbert, 11 news. >> the possibility this could be the year's last provided. ravens fans out in full force. [indiscernible] >> these fans are ready. [indiscernible] [cheering] >> today i had a chance to talk to his son. >> it definitely was very exciting. they got a sense of the city of baltimore. what would your dad's a? >> -- dad say? >> he would love it. he
. city.jennifer gilbert andd pruue unningham... / -33 live.. from new orleans... a city that as recovered and flouuissed after so much. - p3 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 juss to watch my ciiy grow.......... so it's better." 3 super owl 47. 3 3- 33- 3 3 3 paul kruuerr ""e'reedoong everything we can to bring a & trophy home for them. they''e a huge part of our motivation. we love ur home city aad just supporting us. there's than &pus ttrouuh this haloti ngata: & ""e're really excited. weejust -3& can't wait for this game tt happen. e understand that wwe 3& we're really confiienn aad eecited." 3 3 -33 3 &p3& aad excitedd.we're reallyy confident play until sunddy, 3 play until suudaa, but we'ree really confidenn and exccted." p, 3 3 adlib.... with.... .... jenniffr and adlii.... with.... -3 adlib.... witt.... 3 .... ennifer and bruce 3 we escaped ... 3 hhavy damage night...//. but... other parts... of... maryland weren't as luucy...// llcky.....look... at this... inccedibll video... out f darnesto
facility. pete gilbert spent all day at the under armour performance center and he checks in now with us with the team update. >> the team practiced outside, getting ready for the super bowl. it is amazing to think this is the position ravens find themselves in, considering they lost four of their five regular- season games. here we are. their execution was unbelievable. they did not settle for field goals, they got touchdowns. at the other end, they played fantastic defense. look at we 13 against washington. the often scored 28 points that day. there were consistencies -- inconsistencies on offense and defense. the team seemed to be in disarray, but ray lewis bought the team together. there was a galvanizing moment. >> the whole situation with our coordinators', when ray came and talked to us about outside force is not affecting what goes on in the locker room, and how we were not going to let anything happen decide what goes on in the locker room affect the way we performed, that was probably the moment where we really bounced back. >> then again, this is his final ride. he will retire
to address the authority on matters that are not on today's calendar and gilbert deanza would like to address you. >> if there are any other members who wish to speak, if you could stand and speak after gilbert, thank you. >> good morning. madame chairman, board, maria, i am here to talk about the carpenters agreement with john o'connell. we recently signed an mou stating that the carpenter's union will hire students graduating from the john o'connell program. i am also a graduate of john o'connell and it's been a great career for me. i think it's a great thing for the relationship we have formed with the school district. we met with october and signed the agreement in which five graduating students from john o'connell will come into direct entry into the carpenter's program and two of them will be females, which is great. and we're very excited about going forward with this. paula will be getting together with the john o'connell school and providing the curriculum in which the students graduating have direct entry into the carpenter's join. i also want to say that we'll be having a colleg
welccme to the late ediiion, i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert.. and i'm jeff aannd stirring up ccntroversy... ii the middle of... ray's llat ridd..- ridd. they claim he superstar linebacker used bbnned substances to speed hhs -3 returr fom a triceps tear tths ssason. attm and t bank stadium wheree lewis returred from his injury innthe playoof game aaainss deer veevet whicc produces the banned substance has beee used - centuriee.......and wwile 3lewis says its all a lie.... -3 //taae vo// & 3 //take vo// the velvet hormmon as wwll as testosterone......both substancee banned by thh - of a program provvdde y pports ith alternatives to steroids.... the owner lams injury rehab during reguuar session....he proviidd the products for free....inn return....lewis would have to telllthhetruth.... p3 (37:07)i've bben in this business 17 yeaas.........tell him to 3 sommbody else.... &p weespoke with a sports mmdicine doctor tooaaywho says a numberrof studies have been - done on the deer velvet and it 3 pockett.... &phas ever failed
welcomeeto the late edition, im jeff bbrnd. barndd &p3& and i'm jennifer gilbert. -3 allegattons of ussng a bbnned -& substance continue to plague raa lewis. lewis. sports illuutrattd published an article... claiming the linebbcker... used the compounds... to speed his return to he fieldd & ield. 3 karen parks ii live tonightt from m and t bank staddum to explain the effect it's having - on raa's reeutation. -3 reeutation. ray saad yesteeday......that he has -3 been in the business 17 peaas......e works hard....and &phis reccrd speakssfoo ffct remember last october......when rra tore his europe for experimmntal stem cell treatments treatments 3 the trratments currently not availableein the u.s would rbbild hhs torn tticeps -in he u.s. is immied by legaa ray praveled o europe for the plasma innections withh tem once mitch ross.....the founder of -33 of thh report hich alleges lewis uued a banned substance -33 during recovery.....lewis -3 referred to ross as coward a
'm jefffbarnd. 3 aad i'm jennifer gilbert. -3 the search is oo for a suspected burglar and police 3 suspect's victim snapped hhi picture before he could gettaaay. away. keith daniels is streaming live tonnght in catonsvilll wwere the orrdal has a neiggborhooo keeping a closer wwtch tonight.. keith. keith. jeff..... 3 road nearredmondson avenue..... people hereecall it a quiettplaceeto live.. and relativell crrme-free. - but tonight, a bold burglar has changed that. 3 baltimore county police say they eed the public's heep identifying this man....he's described aa a bback male, 44-to-50 years old, 5- feet-8-inches tall.. and 220 pounds. investigators say he tried sing hedge trimmers or bolt cutters to break into - this home on north bend road but the man who lves there arrived home and fouud the that's when theereeident pullee is cell phone.. neighbors ay the suspect trred exxlaining hhs actions to the victii.. before running away. 3 (mmr bullon) "he told him that he was on drrgs and he had a drug problem. but t
...//. edition,.../ i'm jeff barn. and i'm jjnnifer gilbert. as peff abell explains, the ity has stopped issuing tickets uncovered. the major problems - maryland'' gasoline tax has not been increasedin morr than &p20-years. still eeploringoptionn to aree - boost revenue for transporratiinprojeccs. ootions to boost stilllor - exploringlawmakers arr but more than 20-increased noo been gasoline tax hhs maryland'ss maryland's gasoline tax has 20-yeers.increasedin more than pears.but state lawmakees are still exploringoptions to boost revvnueefor trannportationnrrjjcts.senate like to see baltimore city,, anne arundel andbbltimore counties have the authorrtyto raise local property taaes...and use themoney exclusively for mass transit. bbt he also waats to phase in (millerr "everyone would pay a modest gas tax, aathree percent sales tax tackkd on at the wholesale level and that would raise $300 million and &pthat could be uued for oads " state."so word from the governor onany proposals to raise the gas tax orsales tax tooboost transportationn funning. one man... is killed..
against the new england patriots. pete gilbert joins us with more on this horrible way. >> fans are expecting a big win but there is a not a match to reality. we will see a very close game come sunday. that is what the numbers bear out. it is not just a one ponit win. -- one point win. the only blow out came in the playoffs three years ago. when the ravens crashed the patriots' 34-14. fans will have to turn to their mercena imaginary girlfriends afterwards. >> we have had very competitive games against them. we have won some. not all of them. it is a battle out there. they got a good team, we got a good team. this gives will come down to the wire. >> a look at why here and around the rest of the country people think this will be a big patriots' victory. there is a reason why that might be true. >> patriots fans seem awfully confident about their chances. ans are hopinga that is where re lewis and his career. >> we were talking with patriots fans who are sure their team will win on sunday. there is a billboard 40 miles north of here that has a pretty bold prediction for ray lewis
the accident. 3 hello, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. 3 and i'm jennifer gilbert.that story comiig uu in just a minuue....but fiiss.... a dose of wwnter weatherrmovingg 3 3 some areas could see several inches of ssow....and that means ig problems for the - eveenng commute tomorrow. tooorrow. p3 chief eteorologist vytas sttrm... vytas, when will he - stoom hit? 3 thann ou back state trooper is seriouuly injured after traffic ccidentt in howard ccunty. countyyhis ... pruiser... crashed into a & tree... on... i---70.... near....route 32....// 32...../ karen parks... 3& shock trauma... witt an uudate... on his condition.... 3 right now corporal matthew telep of the maryland state police is here at shock trauma listed ii serious but stable ccnddtion with non lifee threatening injuries... innuries... 3innestigattrs say shortly -&&pbefore :30 this afternoon east along 1-70 in howard -& county.... returring froo an &ppssignmentt....when he travellld fff he right side &pof the interstate cr
welcome... to the ate edition,,../ i'm... eff baand. and i'm jennfier gilbert.aa the ravens hhad to he super bowl--busineesess n maryland &pcontinuu to see sales skkrock. skyrocket. amber miller... talked with customers... &p who are buying... all they can .../ ahead... of... super bowl sunday. ((nat sound uu))at poor boy's sports in abington customers searched high and low--lookiig ffr that perfect black ann purple find... allisonnboyd<5:16:18 we're just getting shirts for famill and all--told them we were coming up here. they said look poo this, look for that.> <9:49:11 it'' almosttlike we're already playinggin tte super owl. ii's on-stop, late hours, lots of emplooees getting extra help, just keep up with the customers, the online orders. all three stores have been doing very well.> 27:44:12 these oxes are just a small portion of what was deliiered boxes were shipped- all filled &pwith a-f-c championship gear. ((nat sound up))
hello, i'm jeff barnd. &pbarnd. 3 and i'm jennifer gilbert. the ravens are headinn to pro game. 3 wwen the final seconds of last night's afc championship game... ran out... huudreds of fans flooded the streets of federal hill../. buttsome... of... the most... intense celebrations... llst night... / weree.. right oo the field. 3 ---nats of suggs high fiiing fans---22:31:56-22:32:03 "go ravens, we're gging to the - super bbwl, woooooooooo!!" 3 3 the team... is headed to new orleans two weeks, .... ut... he cost... coold keep... some fans ... here... in baltimore... for the big game. as jjhn rydell reports... if you're even thinking bout attendingthe super bowl... get ready for sticker shock... shock... 3 (rydell) "you can only imagine how many super bowl partiee are going to take place in &pbaltimore over the next couple & of weekk including here aa the charles village pub, but die-hard ravens fans are now scrambllng to find a way to get to new orleans for the big ga
uu in new orreans ffr theesuperbowl. supeebool. and our own & jenniffr gilbert has arrived herself nd ... joinins uss againn 3 -3 p3 p3 3 3 3 it's timeeto trash talk those -3 49ers fans.the twitter fight is on.send a tweet toothose san rancisco fans what you think of how they'll do against baltimorr.use the hash - tag "49ers beat doww".see whaa ravenssfans and 49ers fans are saying by oinn to - foxbaltimore dot com and cick &pon "tweet beat" under hott popics. -3 3 it... taaes... a pot... to keep ravvns faas... frommrootiig... foo their team.../. not... even... blusttry weather... at least... that's... what -3 ...melinda rooder... found out today..../.she's... here to ell s bout it... 3 flags werr certainly fllpping today... at full speed.... off &p"loch raaen" boulevard.... where thee ttied very hard to "lock doon" rrvens erchandise. -3 3 ttshiits, penants, and hats were held down with weighhs and clothespins today... at a - roadside stand featurrng all ravens merchandiis.still - &pcustomees bbaaed the blustery -3 col
want to take you to what will be the scene of the championship matchup. pete gilbert is standing by in foxboro. >> this rivalry, this budding rivalry between the patriots and the ravens. i get it. for people in baltimore, pittsburgh is always going to be number one when it comes to rivalry. in the post season and playoffs, you of got to talk about the braves and the patriots. you play big games, you play them closer. the british, with everyone to call it, will forever live and -- the breakup, whatever you want to call it, will forever live and the ravens memory. talk about cutting their attention. there is an element of this like as well. -- getting their attention. element of dislike as well. >> it to a great job year in and year out. the win playoff games. with had some great battles with them. we have won some. they have won some. most of them have come right down to the wire. they're a tough, hard-nosed football team. both teams had a lot of success. it is a great matchup. >> we certainly expect another close game come sunday. behind me, a spot called patriots place. somethin
magazine. sadly dr. ronald gilbert is one of them. a patient shot dr. gilberted in his newport beach california exam room. today would have been dr. gilbert's 53rd birthday. no family should be planning a funeral instead of a celebration. another reason why we need a common sense gun safety in this country--now. that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. >> jennifer: last january president obama appointed three people to the national labor relations board without the traditional senate confirmation process. he did so by using his recess appointment power. senate republicans objected. they argued that he couldn't do that because at the time the senate was still meeting in what's called a pro-forma session, a super brief session sometimes just lasting a few minutes. that's been used by democrats and republicans explicitly to keep presidents from making these so-called recess appointments. well, the obama administration countered that he had the power to make those recess appointments because the senate was, practically speaking, and for all other intents a
violence. a rough estimate from slate magazine. sadly dr. ronald gilbert is one of them. a patient shot dr. gilberted in his newport beach california exam room. today would have been dr. gilbert's 53rd birthday. no family should be planning a funeral instead of a celebration. another reason why we need a common sense gun safety in this country--now. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients from nature valley. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars nature at its most delicious. desmond tutu said a quote that is one of my favorite quotes. "we are tied together in a web of humanity. i am a person only through you. i can only be a person only through you." that really resonates me and drives my work. the
new orleans. we are joined by pete gilbert. we understand you caught up with a 2001 champion. >> yes, i did. the whole scope of things right now, starting to get that buys. >> we are in the downtown area and you can fill that excitement. we have seen a lot of fans coming into town. >> and beyonce sang today. in the same building, he is in a unique position as a super bowl winning quarterback. some interesting thoughts 12 years ago. a super bowl winning quarterback. trend had it all in baltimore but hanging his hat on that one moment or even the season, he will not do. >> i wear this once a year, this week. it is in my underwear drawer. i do not want to be defined by the things i did or did not do. life is bigger than a game to me. the process, the year changed me, forever. what we went through, the journey. >> now he studies the game like a professor for espn, offering analysis. and what he sees for the super bowl is an advantage, not for the ravens but san francisco. >> if somehow the ravens can do what nobody else has done and create some i candy and make him play calculates, it is
saturday afternoon. it will be a cold one. steve gilbert will travel the road to colorado. >> i have to go home tonight and get ready. they say might hit 20 degrees on saturday. it is going to be chile indeed. no arguing the size of the challenge to face the broncos. -- it is going to be chilly indeed. it is the task they face. they do not have a choice in regards to it. the music blaring at of noxious levels. one thing for which they cannot prepare is the elevation change. the thin air of denver that no one else in the league can match. the broncos also run a fast- paced offense. ravens defensive coordinator says yes. >> i have never really bought into the altitude thing to be honest with you. maybe it is because i had a professor in college who says when these guys sit on the masksines and put oxygen - on, it is placebo. there is nothing. unless you are really at an altitude of climbing a mountain and your way up there, it really is more in your head than anything else. that is what i have believed for the past 40 years. >> when i told some of the players that, they said that as coach ta
chilly. we will be in the 20's. >> pete gilbert will be live with "ravens wrap up" next. we are going to the super bowl. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> redemption greater thanthy name is flacco. one year after losing the afc championship game on this field to this team, the ravens get their redemption. the ravens are going to the super bowl. good evening and welcome back to gillette stadium here in foxboro, massachusetts. a scene that looked like a crime a year ago. the pass that was dropped and the field goal that was knocked away. ray lewis said that they will get back to this game. he came back and he fought for the entry. they had retirement plans. they still have two more weeks to go. there he is, ray lewis before the game. he was not spectacular on the field. his leadership you cannot measure in the number of tackles. that connection was pretty good the last couple of weeks. good again today. on the same drive, right rice, a little 2-yard run. so hard to tackle because of the low cente
to denver later today where they will play the broncos on saturday. pete gilbert has more on the mood in the mile high city. >> we have made our way here to denver. the town is live up in orange. this tower is lit up in orange. i think i've seen two jerseys so far. it is not like what we see in baltimore. the broncos have won 13 games and they have a home field advantage. peyton manning has never won a playoff game with the temperature was under 40 degrees. i spoke with some ravens fans coming over on the plane. they are getting ready for the festivities. we will have live coverage beginning at 5:00 to get you ready for the ravens and the broncos on tv 11. i'm pete gilbert. we will send it back to you. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do think is the key to a ravens win in denver tomorrow? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to you can watch our special " ravens report" tonight as the ravens get ready for their playoff game in denver. you can watch ray lewis' inspiration
a plane bound for denver. >> pete gilbert is already at the mile high city and scouts out the territory for us. >> we have made our way here to denver. the town is lit up in orange. their slogan is united in orange. this tower behind me is lit up in orange. i was a little disappointed. i think i've seen two jerseys so far. it is not like what we see in baltimore. they are very confident. the broncos have won 13 games and they have a home-field advantage. we would like to remind them. peyton manning has never won a playoff game where the temperature was under 40 degrees. something to think about. i spoke with some ravens fans coming over on the plane. they are getting ready for the festivities. we are looking forward to catching up with them. we will have live coverage beginning at 5:00 to get you ready for the ravens and the broncos on tv 11. i'm pete gilbert. we will send it back to you. >> thank you. plenty of purple pride on display. >> jennifer franciotti joins us live from white marsh this morning with more and more folks filing in. >> they'll let anybody into this joint. how excit
today's event. its subject is a wonderful new book by my guest, lelya gilbert, and here it is. its title is "saturday people, sunday people: israel through the eyes of a christian so jowrner," and ms. gilbert is here to discuss her book with us. before introducing and turning to the book itself, let me say a few words by way of introduction about herself. she has had a very impressive and varied career, much of it concerned with the arts including music. she has been a song writer and worked extensively with musical groups including an african children's chorus based in uganda and based of uganda and orphans. she passed on her gifts two her two sons, colin and dylan. colin is a gifted photographer, and his photographs on this cover of the book. dylan is a gifted song writer and musician. as the work in africa may suggest, she's been an extensive traveler. in africa, south and east asia, europe, and, of course, the middle east. by far, the lanchest -- largest part of her work is an author, and also as a quiet partner. she has, in either way, more than 60 books to her credit, and these cov
blend of father and mother. a deep appreciation of history, newspapers, beauty. gilbert and sullivan, p.g. woodhouse and nature. like dad he loved to experience through hiking, mount tam, at lan, barvarian alps. one summer i had a job at signal mountain lodge in the tee tons. he came to visit and read nick adams stories. now is now is now. inspired, he signed on for a job. long after school chris was still there, immersed in the culture. not only hiking, fishing and camping but hunting elk. hard to believe. one of the last times i was with chris we took a long run through the trails of walnut creek. he was reading a book of how to keep running as we enter our later years. giving me pep talks in how to drag myself out of bed in cold, dark mornings for that run. i was inspired. through mom he learned the value of visiting a foreign country. the importance of talking to people in their own language. when he was a comfortable piedmont high schooler playing tennis and drinking beer -- sorry -- [ laughter] >> mom signed him up for the american field service. she thought he might be sent to br
. hurricane gilbert which hit the texas gulf coast. i reported hurricanes fran and burka and i was with "good morning america" then. here i am 40 years later, still forecasting weather and it has become my passion. >> coming up, warmer temperatures, severe storms, drier winters. a look at changing weather patterns and how they may effect you. learn how technology is changing the world of forecasting. >> terry: san francisco bay area is highly vulnerable to severe weather and earthquakes. so we have cleared one place where you can find all the resources and tips you need to be prepared. visit and learn how you can keep you and your family safe. >> climate change seems to have come upon us so suddenly. even though scientists were telling us 40 years ago we could expect the kinds of extreme weather conditions we have seen globally in the last five to ten years. it was almost four years ago, what human beings are put go into the atmosphere we can expect these climate patterns. we are seeing higher global temperatures year after year. we are seeing more frequent and extr
. gilbert. >> moving on to item 10.5, authorizing the director to execute a termination agreement with the city of san francisco downtown parking corporation for the fifth & mission garage, and execute agreements with vendors, consultants, and commercial tenants. directors, in addition to a member of the public wishing to address you, staff also requested that the item be severed. they would request that you amend the resolution to add language to -- one of the result clauses that would state -- it would add the following language. on term substantially similar to the enclosed agreement. so, the further resolve clause would read the san francisco transportation authorizes the director to execute a termination agreement with the san francisco downtown parking [speaker not understood] insert language, on terms substantially similar to the enclosed agreement: and execute agreement with vendors, consultants and commercial tenants, et cetera, et cetera. >> is there a member of the public who wishes to zvictiontion about this? -- to speak about this? >> yes, david con. >> good afternoon
gilbert which hit the texas gulf coast. i reported hurricanes fran and burka and i was with "good morning america" then. here i am 40 years later, still forecasting weather and it has become my passion. >> coming up, warmer temperatures, severe storms, drier winters. a look at changing weather patterns and how they may effect you. learn how technology is changing the world of forecasting. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> terry: san francisco bay area is highly vulnerable to severe weather and earthquakes. so we have cleared one place where you can find all the resources and tips you need to be prepared. visit and learn how you can keep you and your family sa
you.. >> tom gilbert richmond apartments a reclarification. a long time ago the cup a is half full and half empty and my category is that the broken cup has been reglued and taped and i'm happy to be able to real here because people in my category are not able to reach for this microfop and use it and try to speak in then and is carry thoughts. those are all precious drops. i'm trying to -- when i come here and talk about how silence and quiet in our neighborhood, we don't need to have it robbed by buildings that make noise 24 hours a day and i'm happy to come here and speak for two minutes but i would be happier if it was three minutes. don't get me wrong on that and i'll whether as be happy when this passes and it's a proved and so what we are doing here is greatestness and freedom of speech and thank you for being here for that and wo weeks ago when we were here the public comment became poisonous and kind-of painful almost torturous and until i die, i'll refer to that moment to when i was saved by the bell but that also brings up a little element. another piece of greatness
.after the suspect downn 3 3 hello... i'm jjff barnd.and i'm jenniffe gilbert "educatioo wwek" magazine says maryland has the best public schhols in the nation. 3 but some education experts are questioning the raaking... 33 explain... whh ttey believe the magazine failed to ttke into account some iiportant -3 informatiin..- 3 no one is questioning maryland's financial 3&pstate legislature has routinell invested millions into programs, school buildings ann teaccer 3 bbddet cutsselsewhere.but how muchhdoessthe money matter... 3 struggling to read and - write???? 3 governor o'malley- is of course -celebrating the survey resuuts.. he visitee withhteachers nd studdnts t jones elementaay school todayy in severna park... here they posed for pictures wiih big foamie - fingers... indicating maryland's number one status. but experts at the "center - for education reform",,is - based in bethesda......say the 3 pmppovvegrades, grrduation rates, and close the achievement gaap for minority and low-income students.they saa maryland has foccsed too much on
gilbert is already there and he filed this report on his first night in broncos country. >> we have made our way to denver, and the town live up in orange. this tower over my shoulder, back on the denver's skyline, all lit up in orange, although i am a little disappointed. i saw maybe two jerseys downtown. not like we see in baltimore. they are certainly very confident. they have had a home field advantage throughout. probably at the back of peyton manning's mind, he has never won a playoff game with a temperature below 40 degrees. something to think about. i talked to some ravens fans. their world be a solid purple presence here. we look forward to catching up with them and we will have live ocoverage, 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00. >> sounds good pete. there is more than pride riding on this country maryland gov. martin o'malley and colorado gov. john hick and never have entered into a playoff wager. if the ravens win, we will get a dozen lamb chops. if the broncos, on top, we will send it crabcakes to colorado. tonight, gerry sandusky it gives you a behind the scenes look, and hear som
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